Digital Transformation

“In the next five years the Digital Transformation will make about 40% of companies disappear from the market!”

(Study conducted by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation (an initiative of Cisco and the International Institute of Management Development of Lausanne, Switzerland)).

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In this sense, the transformation of enterprises is no longer a question of “and if it happens,” but rather a question of “when will happen,” and the answer is in front of us: now!

The digital transformation process begins with an assessment of business strategy, in a scenario dominated by uncertainty and requires focus on the challenges to come.

It is necessary to imagine how digital technologies could impact the business, thinking of all the possible disruption of the market, being open to change and restructuring in their processes to then trace the destination to be reached.

Digital transformation will disrupt all sectors and markets faster than we imagine. Companies are under success and the risk of the disappearance of the business itself, because even with the support of technology, rely heavily on the ability to understand the extent of the transformation they need and the challenge to implement their digital strategies as soon as possible.

The essence of digital transformation basically consists of:

digitization → dematerialization → demonetization → democratization → disruption.

The fact is that companies need to anticipate, creating self-disruption, before other business causes disruption. Not to be taken by surprise, you need to provoke it yourself, generating challenges and risks and opening up new opportunities for your business.

Digital transformation is not a massive adoption of new technologies, but a digital revolution in the business world.


A Business Technology Knowing Business or a Business Consulting Company with Knowledge in Technology?


Our team has 10 years of experience in digital transformation processes and strong technological know-how and great adaptability and each business.

This is the offer of Redux Consulting!

Why not both? Consulting companies benefit from a deep knowledge of the business market, however they may reveal a lack of technical knowledge that allows turning big ideas into reality.

On the other hand, essentially technological companies have an exemplary ability to create information systems, but are unable to understand the specific needs of each business.

The Redux Consulting brings together the best of both areas, in order to meet your business 100%, becoming part of the team and finding out what are the main challenges and goals to achieve. Only then is it possible to adapt the market’s best solutions to the structure and objectives of your business and make the best Digital Transformation of your business!

Companies with higher growth or that stand out more at the world level are those that bet more on new technologies.


of external IT contracts are focused on cost reduction.

(Source: IT Service Management Study)


of organizations consider the IT area important or very important to the execution of the overall business strategy.

(Source: IT Governance Insitute 2011)

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